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05.08.2022 – We are hiring 2 lab technicians!


07.06.2022 – The #Hiddenvivax project funded by @CaixaResearch  held its first face-to-face Meeting today.

21.07.2021 – An ISGlobal Project on Malaria Vivax will Receive Funding by the CaixaResearch Programme

23.06.2021 – Multiparameter Flow cytometry shines a light on interactions between human spleen cells and extracellular vesicles from Plasmodium vivax patients 

10.06.2021 – New studies show that chronic Plasmodium vivax malaria is an infection of the spleen and most of the biomass of the parasite is found there 

21.08.2020 – Plasmodium vivax parasites are shown to be present and causing changes in bone marrow during Malaria Infections  

22.07.2020 – Advance for researchers from the IGTP and ISGLobal seeking biomarkers for Chagas disease 

02.06.2020 – Extracellular vesicles play an important role in the pathology of ‘Plasmodium vivax’ malaria

18.05.2020 – The malaria parasite ‘P. vivax’ can remain in the spleen upon expression of certain proteins 

20.09.2018 – A new approach towards developing a vaccine against vivax malaria

26.06.2018 – In search of biomarkers to detect patients with latent Plasmodium vivax infections

31.10.2018 – The “la Marató de TV3” funds 36 biomedical projects for research into infectious diseases

07.08.2017 – Why Vivax Malaria Represents a Serious Problem for Malaria Eradication

La otra malaria: 7 datos sobre malaria vivax