Jahnnyer Martinez Moreno, U. de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia (Hernando A del Portillo)

Jahnnyer Martínez Moreno is a microbiologist and bio-analyst from the “Universidad de Antioquia” (UdeA), Colombia, with a special interest in microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology of infectious diseases. He completed his Masters at the UdeA Immunovirology Research Group in 2017, where he investigated the role of Vitamin D in the immunopathogenesis of dengue disease. In 2018, he began his PhD in microbiology and parasitology at the “Salud y Comunidad” Research Group of the UdeA, where he is evaluating the impact of coinfection by Plasmodium spp. and geohelminths on the immunological profile of pregnant women and their response to vaccines.

Dr. Agustin Arasanz Duque named new Interim CEO of ITSL

As of March 2019, Agustin Arasanz Duque has been named the new interim CEO of ITSL. Dr. Arasanz Duque is a senior consultant manager, with BS in Biology and Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona. Co-Founder of Hygeia Technologies S.L.  and over 10 years of experience in preparing business plans, IP and regulatory affairs, and scouting new biomedical companies with early stage technologies.

RIS3CAT Project

ITSL participates of a RIS3CAT Project: Noves estratègies per al control del virus de la síndrome respiratori i reproductiu porcí, RIS3CAT – COTPA – Regeva – COMRDDi16-1-0035-01 (2017-2020) co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

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